Marketing Strategy

We handle our sales and marketing in-house, with assistance from marketing agents, and employ a sales strategy of maintaining a mix of end-customers, such as utility and industrial companies, and commodity trading companies.

We have a broad spread of countries to which we supply to spread our risk which include Indonesia, Malaysia, India, China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Japan, Korea, Spain and Taiwan.

We maintain a significant order books of long-term contracts up to a maximum of 25 years and covering more than 300 million tonnes going forward.  These contracts are linked to Newcastle, API4, API5, Indonesian Minimum Price (HBA) or are annually negotiated.

Our Tabang / Pakar coals are sub-bituminous coal (4,000 – 4,400 Kcal/kg GAR), low ash (4 – 8%) and low sulphur (0.12 – 0.15%) and well-suited for today’s modern supercritical power stations.